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Your Ghost says goodbye

Posted by DreamSharer on February 8, 2012

I open my eyes on his gentle hand touching me
Touching my face with his soft finger`s husk
He takes my hand and leads me out of bed gently
He takes me outside to watch the dusk
He sits next to me and wraps me with his arms
To keep me warm from the morning cold breeze
The sky forms a painting so beautiful, so warm
Right there, I wanted to spend with him eternity

The Moon Shys away
The sun dances between the clouds
It smiles to me while it makes its way
The birds sit next to me singing aloud
I take it all in with him caressing my face
My head on his chest
My arms around his neck in a sweet embrace
His hands keep me safe while my head just rests

How could I ever forget?
A moment created in heaven
We couldn’t have ever been mislead
I thought my presence in his life was going to leaven
Could it just have been my Imagination?
Could it have been my Fantasy?
An image of us living in utter happiness, love and devotion
No more hurt, no pain to kill our souls, just our love to set us free
Or sorrow to torture our soul
I thought our time has finally come
To be forever happy, to finally feel whole

I should have never believed in love
For love is pain, and love is hurtful
I wish I can send him my love with a dove
“You have to go on” he Whispered so tearful
While the birds flew away
He said “I have to go, I can’t stay”
He kissed me goodbye
Those feelings I can’t hide
“I don’t understand“ I did say
I whispered, “You are here with me now, why can’t you stay?“

Lies, dreams and illusions I prayed
To protect me from all the sadness and the cries
That his answer will cause, please my heart is frayed
“I am not really here, I just came to say goodbye“
No, no, it can’t be true
Please lie to me, tell me this isn’t real
You couldn’t have left me, this can’t be you
You couldn’t have chosen to be gone
If you love me, please tell me this can be undone
Who will ever wipe my tears
Or shed away my fears

“You can’t leave me baby, You can’t break my heart“
“It has already been done, you need to be strong now that we’re apart“
Your ghost disappeared away
It left me all alone today
I walked back home in tears
My heart broken to pieces, wishing you were near
It is too much to bear, to painful to feel
Why would you do this to me?
What have I ever done to you?
I wish I can hide away from the truth,
From You and from me too

My Heart Aches Like It Never ached Before
I can feel it beating fast,
Hard against my diaphragm, I’m so aghast
I Wish It would just Beat No More
He caused me pain
He killed my soul

I walked in the dark, the stars have disappeared
I fought my way all alone, my heart never stopped bleeding
He doesn’t know what I am going through, how my life has veered
It is not that simple you see, now I am breaking
it is so hurtful to me
He broke my heart, he killed my soul
I am falling to pieces now, can you see?
All the way from heaven, could you see all these holes?
Do you feel good for how you killed me?
I knew my happy ending was too good to be true
It was easy for you to say I should go on, well now I’m blue
Do you know I am fighting hard to survive? Do you feel me through?

My Tears stream down burning my cheeks
Diamonds fall down my eyes breaking as they reach the ground
You might be in heaven now smiling as I speak
Hopefully you’re living in harmony, with a halo of light you’re crowned
But I am still here lonely, suffering enormous pain
And no one is here to ease
The pain when you decided to go, you left me in the rain
Now you can live in alchemy
But I will never find love or peace ever again

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