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What do you see?

Posted by DreamSharer on June 13, 2015


All I know right now is that I need to write. Something inside me speaks so loudly wanting the universe to listen…to understand, to appreciate. Inside me there is a lot going on. There is a lot of hope, a lot of confidence that everything will be alright, a lot of wishful thinking for brighter circumstances. Inside me, there is continuous hurt that keep stirring the pain. Every time I try to calm the hurt it subsides for a short chance to breathe, then attacks more brutally than ever before. Inside me there are a lot of unspoken words, a lot of volcanic emotions that are on simmer waiting to erupt.

All I know is that I need to remain strong, remain positive; because it is so easy to give up and crumble. But life is not about taking shortcuts or following the easy path. Life is meant to be difficult. Full of challenges and hardships pushing us to our brighter days ahead.

Life taught me about selfishness, about carelessness, what it means to be self-absorbed. But by the same token it taught me about putting others before yourself, generosity, compassion, and being people-centered. I met those who don’t care and those who do. I met those who go through rough days and good days. Everything has balance to it. Nothing is only good or bad. Just as there are those who are selfish, there are those who are compassionate. Just as there is good in life, there is also bad. Just as there is good and evil…You get the point…

Every day presents a new challenge waiting to be overcome. Every morning there are the birds chirping and the sound of noisy peace-wrecking traffic . It is your personal choice which one you want to hear. Every circumstance brings with it things we can be angry with or things we can be happy about, even if it was a tiny bit it is there, which feeling are you going to follow? Do you want to sulk and brood about the things that could make you angry? Or do you want to smile and feel happy about that tiny piece of happiness that was presented to you in the same circumstance that brings the possibility of anger?

Everything we do in life is a choice. Even going through a bad day is a choice. We can either continue going through it with more hope for better events during the day, or continue feeling bad about our bad day. I mean we all have bad days but maybe if we make the choice to continue being hopeful about the rest of it, just maybe the rest of the day won’t be as bad. I know it sounds easier said than done and I know a lot of people who are reading this will be thinking; “easy for you to say” but hey my life is full of accidents, bad days, falls, depressing events. But there are also great things that I see in my life. They don’t have to be big things. For example, drinking my tea or coffee in the morning is one of the things I consider great in my life. I watch the water boil, I watch the bubbles. I make a mindful choice of what type of drink I want to make. If I am making tea, I spend a nice time choosing my tea bag or bags. Then I spend a wonderful amount of time just breathing in the aroma and noticing the color of the water changing. Yeah I know it sounds silly. But hey, when you have a cold or flu and your nose is so stuffy, you can’t smell a thing, right in that moment, you will understand the meaning of taking in the aroma of a good tea or coffee. A blind person can tell you how he or she would give anything just to see the water boiling and the color of the water changing while you are making tea.

So those tiny good moments in your life that seem so routine and ordinary are things that deserve your gratitude and happiness. Things are not always dandy. Life brings on with it unpleasant moments too. Picture this; you are so hungry that your stomach is growling, you pass by a hot dog stand and the smell is mesmerizing. You search your pockets or purse for any change and you find exactly $1 and 25 cents. The exact price for a hotdog. As soon as you get it someone passes you by in a hurry and knocks your hot dog on the floor. There goes your only change, leaving ketchup and mustard all over your shirt or top, leaving you hungry going into your meeting with stained clothes. Sounds terrible right? Of course it is terrible, who would want to go through that? Who wants to start their day like that?

Allow me to shed the light on a perspective that probably did not cross your mind. Wouldn’t the change you found in your pocket or purse be a sign of good luck? Wouldn’t the fact that when that person bumped into you and only knocked your hot dog down be considered a good thing because he or she could have knocked you down and you could have gotten hurt? Isn’t the fact that all that happened should make you happy because it could have been worse? Or wait could it have been worse? let’s see, after this incident while you are still going to your meeting, you could have been crossing the street and been hit by a car? Or what if while you were walking to work you passed by a loose screw that tore your whole shirt or the back side of your pants or other parts of your clothes embarrassing you in fornt of thousands of people including people you work with and see everyday? BELIEVE ME, it could have been worse, and just the mere fact that it just stopped at the hot dog falling to the ground and you getting stains on your clothes just before you go into a meeting, is a good reason why you should be happy and grateful.

Here, let me share with you my story,  I had an accident one evening. I was sitting outside on my chair when the rain took a short break. I also had bought a dozen eggs from the store across the street before I decided to sit outside for a bit. When it started raining again, I took my chair and went back inside. I was going up the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor and when I had just reached the top, I have no idea how, but I slipped and fell all the way down to the bottom along with my iron chair and my dozen eggs. I landed on the wooden shoe rack, which was at the bottom of the stairs and broke it to pieces. The eggs were squished under me and the broken iron chair was all over me. For a while I lay there in shock feeling pain everywhere and unable to move. About an hour or so passed and no one was at home to help me get out of this mess. Finally, an hour and a half later, my landlord came back home and found me and helped me out. At first, I was in pain and upset and wasn’t thinking clearly to even call 911 or go to the hospital. But when I woke up in the morning and went to the hospital, the doctors were preparing me for the worst case scenarios and checked me up. They did several tests and x-rays and the results were contusions, torn muscles, torn ligaments, and torn soft tissues. While this sounds really bad and the accident was a traumatic one, I could not stop thinking of how grateful I am. I know for a fact that this could have either cost me my life if I hit my head or the broken iron rods of the chair could have punctured my body and killed me, and so many other possible worse outcomes. Still, I came out of it with bruises and torn muscles, etc. Isn’t that something to be happy, positive and grateful about? If you are wondering why I had to mention the eggs in the beginning, it is to say that with my weight on it along with the shoe rack and broken chair, only 6 were broken and I didn’t even notice the broken ones because I was focused and very happy about the 6 perfect unbroken eggs that survived this accident just like I did. I am so happy I am here today. I am so happy that I have bruises and pain in my body because it is a reminder that that’s all I have and that I am alive, able to walk, able to breathe, able to type, able to move my body.

The moral of all this is that there is always something positive and good even in the worst kind of situation. It just depends on your attitude and stance, do you see the full half or the empty half of the glass?

I certainly made my choice, so what is yours going to be?

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