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I Miss my Mother

Posted by DreamSharer on February 27, 2012

I miss my mother
I long for her
Her thyme and cheese braided bread
My mother’s desserts
Her coffee
Her touch
Her lap while she is touching my hair

My childhood memories with my mother
Replay inside me as I was growing up
Mother, I think of you at dusk
I think of how I am going to reward you with love
I think of how I have hurt you in the past
And how you still love me endlessly
How can I ever make it up to you…
For the tears you shed because of me?

Mother, when I come back home
use me as a comb for your soft hair
Use me as a fire to keep you warm
Who am I without you?
I am connected to you by spirit
Without your love
I am not that strong
Without you I am too frail to walk
Too weak to stand

Will my path ever bring me back?
Will it ever take me to your waiting lap?
Or to your longing arms?

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