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Goodbye my role model…Goodbye my father…Goodbye my mentor!

Posted by DreamSharer on July 3, 2012

He is the icon and symbol of the meaning of work and dedication while helping and serving others.  He Spent his life serving the University, students and teachers, each and every student and teacher at the university have been helped by him. Then .. Suddenly he just disappeared. Without any warning, without any sign, he was just gone.

The impact of the news of his death is still a source of pain for most. The whole campus, the university as a whole, with all the students and teachers in it, have all entered a state of severe trauma of complete unawareness and unconsciousness as they tried to grasp the news.

He was a popular name amongst all the students to solve registration problems and get his advice on courses. His door was always open to all students. The number of students coming from all colleges waiting outside his office was an enormous number. And yet he did not leave his office until the last one of those students got his help and until the Student Affairs were resolved. Any time you needed to seek his help, he was always welcoming you with a big smile ear to ear and you would leave his office with your problems solved.

He gave all his time and efforts on a golden plate to the University and to his students. He studied his students, catered to them, made them feel important, solved their problems, helped other teachers, and he served the university with excellence. He is gone now and all that is left of him, is his reputation and his wonderful spirit that lives inside every one of his students. His reputation and spirit is a fire in the hearts of every one in that university.

I feel that the world did not lose one of its gems today but actually gained many more. He was a gem of a human being and I agree that his loss is unbearable but he lives inside each and every one of us (his children) and it is up to us to continue his legacy. He is not dead if we keep him alive through our actions and what he taught us. He is alive inside all of us for all the lessons he taught us and how we should all “PAY IT FORWARD.” You love his smile? Then never stop smiling. You love how he remembered each of our names? Then never forget the names of the people around you. You love how he helped every one of us? Then don’t stop helping people and carry on his legacy. Teach your children and your friends what he taught you. Keep him alive through remembering him and praying for him.

The world needs more people like him and it is up to you to make him your role model and keep his memory alive. You see we forgot that he is human too and he has time. We took his presence for granted thinking he will outgrow all of us. But he is a great educator and a great teacher knows his students well so he knows how we all feel about him. Just keep that in mind.

He was always approachable so be like him always approachable. Let his life mean something when the difference he made in the world of education lives on even after he passed away. Continue his legacy and continue to make a difference in the world.

Dr.Sadek’s unorthodox teaching methods taught a lot more than any teachers out there. He used to make his routine math classes fun with his jokes and his songs. Every time there was a tough equation to work with, he would sing a song about it. Who does that? What other teacher uses such methods? Well he did because he spent a lot of time teaching himself about his students and developing teaching strategies to suit each and every unique student. You see all other teachers just treat all students as if they were all the same. But then again, we are talking about Dr. Ibrahim Sadek aren’t we?  He would address each student by his name and he would try to speak in their native language.

Dr. Ibrahim Sadek was indeed a kind and great father to all of us. He was a professor, and an adviser, a friend and a brother and a parent to all of us. He was a very helpful person to everyone and even if he could not help, he used to still try to make students’ life easier, and he would spend hours at his office without taking any break just to solve all of his students’ issues. A Great person with a pure soul like him will never be forgotten. He is living inside our hearts and he will live in many memories for decades to come. His life held meaning because he made a true difference in this world. He continues to do so even after he passed away because his lessons will live on inside us and we will continue what he started. May his soul rest in peace.

  1. Abdallah Said,

    May your soul rest in peace.. Allah yer7amak

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