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Emotional abuse is never regarded

Posted by DreamSharer on February 21, 2012


Have you personally ever known anyone who was abused by his/ her parents? Have you ever encountered anyone who was emotionally abused not physically abused? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. I have. I know how that is and how destructive it is. Emotionally abused kids want to feel pain physically to at least feel something…to take their mind off the pain inside them. They are so emotionally drained and numb that all they want is to feel that they are still alive. They smile and they get pleasure when they cut or burn themselves because the pain they feel physically makes them know they are still alive. Physical pain and the bleeding or bruising ends at some point. The bleeding stops, the bruises go away, the broken bones can heal and the cuts can heal too and if you die because of a physical injury, it all ends. That is what you miss when you are emotionally abused. Your scars never heal, the words never leave you, the nightmares you have stay with you all your life, and your heart breaks everyday over and over again. The pain inside you never ends and you just wish the tears you cry from the inside would stop.

The degrading, belittling, mind control, mind games, manipulation and hurt stay with you scarring you forever! People say he did good and that little brat deserved what was coming. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED EMOTIONALLY! Especially little kids and teens they never deserve the pain that emotional abuse leaves! Child services and the police got it all wrong! All they care about is physical abuse and they should. But when did they arrest a man for abusing his wife’s emotions and manipulating her or bullying her? When did they ever arrest a father for continuously everyday calling his son worthless or abusing his emotions or calling his daughter horrific names?

I cannot support emotional abuse! People just see the outer masks that controlling people wear. Oh he did not bruise her or shoot her or beat her up! Well that is wrong!!!! He did beat her up. He did abuse her. He did shoot her. But it is all on the inside it is worse than the beating that you see on the outside because it is all concealed. If a teacher sees a bruise on a child’s arms they call Child Services and the child would get the help they deserve. But how do emotionally abused children get help? It is all on the inside no one sees it. They get crippled and they shrivel and their whole confidence and self-esteem shatter and they spend the rest of their lives getting into vicious cycles of being with manipulative controlling partners because that is what control does. It destroys their ability to choose partners and they will always feel that it is their destiny to be manipulated by others.

Society only focuses now on physically abused children and physically abused women or men but no one ever gives a crap about other types of abuse. We applaud and praise fathers’ and mothers’ efforts for abusing their daughter’s privacy and emotions! They are still abusive parents let’s not forget that! Would anyone say the same about the parents if they abused their kids physically rather than emotionally? They abuse their children’s privacy, they abuse their children’s adolescence and friendships and they do things to them that will stick with them for the rest of their lives! How can that be right?

I just feel that the world can sit down and clap and cheer for actors and people who pretend to be victims and the whole crowd throw tomatoes and eggs at the real victim. The pretender and bully gets all the credit while the abused and victimized gets all the brunt and anger of the crowd. Emotionally abusive fathers are good talkers. They use big words, make videos to earn sympathy, make public scenes, they get the applause. And the children who are silent, unheard from, manipulated, and bullied and made a mockery out of get all the negative cheering and people siding with their fathers. That is just unfair. Kids might not be so innocent after all but they do not go approaching the media or Jerry springer or Oprah to make a fool out of their fathers. Actually maybe those kids should give Dr. Phil a call and ask him to make a celebrity out of them feeding off their stories with their parents and making their parents look like villains as their parents  do to them!!!

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    The little bit I saw of your site was well done. You did a good thing there.

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