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Posted by DreamSharer on February 5, 2012

DreamSharer Journal Garden

My everyday rant, thoughts, vent, or pretty much a journal of whatever comes to my mind.


Candle in the Dark Garden

Inspiration is hope. Inspiration is what one needs when they are sunk at the bottom of a lake so they can fight their way up instead of drowning. Inspiration is what everyone needs at some point in their life. For many, inspiration is what keeps them surviving. But in the end, it is not just inspiration that keeps them going. It is hope. Candle in the dark is an Inspiration and Hope Heaven which will provide anything that comes to my mind to help motivate and lift the hopes of as many people as I can.


Media Shrine Garden

I struggled so much in University trying to find resources to help me understand media better. Therefore, I decided that this section will be  a Media Tutorial where I will help other students and self-taught media professionals by sharing what I have learned throughout my education about media.


Story Time Garden

I am a writer and a story teller. So this is where I post some of my writing from poetry to free writing pieces to short stories.