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Come back …Please, Come back

Posted by DreamSharer on May 27, 2012

I finally went back to see you
You were better than I expected
Sheltered and preserved,
Like an ancient landmark,
preserved forever in a snow globe till I came to see you,
reminding me of our memories sealed in a timeless bubble

Last time, I walked through these streets
It was 9 years ago
I walked through while watching the blue sky
At night, looking at the silver stars
And now I am finally walking in my city
Reminiscing about too many memories
That I could never forget

Walking along the beautiful trails at the canal
I am remembering how beautiful my life was here
I’m so immersed in my thoughts and I am not ready to go back yet
I finally came back home, can’t I just stay?
Leaving home was the hardest choice I ever had to make
But it doesn’t matter because even for a day, now I am home

Ottawa is where I left my heart so long ago
I left it on the high Chapel hill in Orleans
But I still remember the morning dew
And the fog that chills the air
I walk now under the blue and windy sky
Feeling the warmth of the golden sun shining upon my skin

As I walk through every old familiar corner
A feeling of tranquility resides inside me
And I hear the voice of my city ”
Saying to me, “Please, Come back
Come back to the longing tulips
To the yearning roads

Come back to the green Parliament building
To the beautiful Rideau river”
I hear the voice of my city weeping
As it begs of me to come back
Saying to me, “Please, Come back
To where the bright golden sun is glowing
And where our memories are waiting
Come back to where your freedom is, just come back!”

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