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And So The Moment Ended…

Posted by DreamSharer on February 6, 2012

Time deceived me

It flew by like a week, an hour, a day

It flew away quicker than it ever passed
I tried yet I failed to pause time,

Or make our precious moments last a long while
Our days just slipped away,

It sifted through the cracks of time,
Hour by hour, moment by moment, day by day

As every moment passed
The clock ticked warning of the feared moment

Our time together was almost ending
With each tick of the clock
The day comes closer,
The moment I have feared
For weeks, for days, for hours
is drawing closer
Soon I will say
Good-bye to you my love

I will hurt with every cell

Every part of my soul
As you watch me leave
I sit and I cry
As the time comes

There is nothing more to do
There is no more time to savor
No more hugs

No more kisses
There is nothing left
There is only time left
time and distance

The long lonely stretch of the highway
Is what is left

The highway that stands between our love
Now all I can do is just wait
Replay the scene by counting each day
until the next meeting moment comes.
The last thing I saw was your face,

your fading smile
The last thing I felt were your arms

Wrapped around me

like you were never letting me go

Now you will just remember me

When I am gone

When my bus has driven away,
Driven far away on the lonely highway

All the way to the silent land;
When we can hold each other no more

Or hold hands,

Just remember my essence, my presence, my annoyances
For now you shall not have me nor see me smile

When I am all the way across the miles

As for me, I remember too

I remember the way you breathe

I remember how your heartbeats made me calm

I remember how when you spoke I felt warm
I remember how you saw right through me
Like a comet of bright light passing through my soul

Making me detoxify with new bright energy filling me

I always wanted to stay in your arms when you held me
I remember your nose
I’ll remember your eyes
I’ll always remember your smell,
Like a scent sent to earth from Heaven,

I’ll remember the way we kiss
Our moments together will forever be missed
I will miss the way you drive

I’ll miss your smile

I’ll miss the way I am when I am with you,
I remember the way we belong to each other,
I miss the way you hold me tight
I will miss you until we meet again

I will miss everything except our ‘goodbyes’

I feel I could die
Without you here with me

The moment ended, the day came,

When across the miles I lie dreaming of you…again


© 2012

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